Use your jetpack to fly through mysterious platforming levels!

Controls: (move)WASD/arrows (jump/fly)space 

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(made for pizza jam)

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it got very hard on level 11 and 12

This game is amazing! :D I love it. The gamefeel, the animations, the audio, all well mixed. Game is pretty hard, i like it.

thanks my dude :D

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This game is great! I am have been playing this game for about a year now and I love it. I challenge myself every time I play to get no deaths or to beat the game in a record time. It helps me pass the time in my boring classes. The only change I would make to the game is on level 24 the lava does not rise as soon as the level starts it would start when you go up.


thanks man, means a lot ^^

No Problems.


Agree with Ty.  Game is fantastic.  The controls are just right to meet the challenge.  The lava particles might actually be my favorite part!  A level indicator would be nice so I can see what level I got to and rub it in my friends' faces.  Also, I can tell that if this game supported controllers I would get addicted.


This game is awesome! The controls are so intuitive, I love it! It reminds me of Geometry Dash or Super Meat Boy. I feel though that the game could be even better with upgraded graphics. Anyways, amazing job! :)