made for Mini Jam 42

due to time constraints i didn't get to add the amount of polish i wanted.

the game is still complete and there is an ending, but some actions don't have sounds or effects.

i'm working on an updated postjam version that will include more polish.

i'm still very happy with how this turned out and i'm looking forward to working on it some more.


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i realy like it, love the music

good maze too :^)

heck tysm :))

I really enjoy the atmosphere of the game, it's very calming to wander through the maze. I didn't find anything but I did enjoy my experience.

thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed it :-)

I finally beat the game! But i'm somehow more confused after beating it.

I was never a huge fan of mazes, but this one is good :D I like the room style. And I agree with KAJ7 it is a bit confusing, because player do not know what to do and what is the goal.

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thanks man

it looks pretty good, and even somewhat polished, but i'm having trouble figuring out what to do. I can't find where i'm supposed to go. The layout is a bit confusing. Other than that it looks good :)

thanks! it's a maze, if you're lost i think it means it's working ;)


yeah I figured it out :) feels great to finally find a fragment!